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Wait I’ve read this fic

this post, given its author, is like my early-stage oberlin experience shaking hands with my late-stage oberlin experience


oh no the fuck rhombus

Heeeeeeeere’s the thing I was looking for! Now I will have this at hand whenever I have internet access, for easy explaining. Excellent.

Also here’s the (non-extended, anonymized (I decided to make everyone into scarabs because why not)) version of the interesting polygon I have going on, ‘cause that’s related.

(The extended version would involve half a fuck rhombus (hint: one side of it would be the right-hand side of double bars), significantly more scarabs, and some kind of sexagon setup. And that’s only going one degree out with no temporal disparity. More degrees + over time = my friends are the most promiscuous.) (Also at that point I’d have to develop a notation for threesomes, because there’d be enough around that it’d be worth it.)

ALSO ALSO can we take a moment to appreciate that the fuck rhombus is a rhombus and not a square because the hatred ends repulse each other? Like the ends of polar molecules! :D

(Look, I really like talking about relationship polygons, okay.)

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